Hiatal Hernia

Hiatal Hernia or Hiatus Hernia surgery

Laparoscopic-Hiatal-hernia-LIFECAREABSHiatal or hiatus hernia is a condition which arises when a part of the stomach pushes through the opening in the diaphragm up into the chest. The diaphragm is a very critical muscle, that separates the chest and the abdomen and helps in breathing. In majority cases, a small hiatal hernia doesn’t show any symptoms. On the other hand, a large hiatal hernia causes regurgitation of food and acid back into the food pipe or the esophagus leading to heartburn. Common cause of hiatal hernia is weakening of the surrounding tissue due to smoking, ageing, obesity and other unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Life style measures, self-care or medications are usually helpful in relieving the symptoms. However surgery is required if the hernia becomes too large and strangulates and when the symptoms don’t improve with conservative treatment.

LifeCare ABS provides laparoscopic surgery for hiatal hernia

  • Conducted under general anesthesia to minimize anxiety and pain
  • Laparoscopic procedure, requires only 3-4 small incisions for the laparoscope and supporting cannula to enter
  • Hernia removed from behind the abdominal wall with the help of cannula and the video image formed by the laparoscope, a small surgical mesh is then placed over the affected area and held in place with  surgical staples
  • A short painless procedure conducted within 60-90 minutes, with minimal pain and post surgery scars
  • Followed by low post operative pain and quicker recovery compared to open surgery
  • Faster return to normal diet and daily life activities
  • Lower risk of wound infection

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