Ventral hernia

Ventral or incisional hernia surgery

Laparoscopic-ventral-hernia-LIFECAREABSVentral hernia arises usually in the abdominal wall from a surgical incision made in the past. The abdominal muscles in this area weaken which results in a bulge or a tear, through which the inner lining of the abdomen pushes out and forms a balloon-like sac. A whole loop of intestines or other abdominal content can push out into the sac. This is similar to the way an inner tube protrudes through a damaged tire. If the abdominal content gets stuck in the sac and gets trapped or “incarcerated”, it can lead to serious problems. Other places where ventral hernias can develop are the umbilicus or the belly button or any other area of the abdominal wall.


  • A bulge appears under your skin. You feel pain while lifting heavy objects, coughing, urinating or bowel movements. Prolonged standing or sitting can worsen the pain.
  • Usually patients report a sharp or a dull ache that worsens as the day passes and can become acute by the end of the day.
  • Continuous redness, swelling, nausea or vomiting associated with the bulge are symptoms that the hernia may be getting entrapped or strangulated. In such case, you need to immediately get medical advise.

LifeCare ABS provides laparoscopy for ventral or incisional hernia

  • Conducted under general anesthesia to minimize anxiety and pain
  • Laparoscopic procedure, requires only 3-4 small incisions for the laparoscope and supporting cannula to enter
  • Hernia removed from behind the abdominal wall with the help of cannula and the video image formed by the laparoscope, a small surgical mesh is then placed over the affected area and held in place with  surgical staples
  • A short painless procedure conducted within 60-90 minutes, with minimal pain and post surgery scars
  • Followed by low post operative pain and quicker recovery compared to open surgery
  • Faster return to normal diet and daily life activities
  • Lower risk of wound infection

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