LifeCare ABS laparoscopic surgery for Intusucception

laparoscopic-repair-of-intusucception-LifeCare ABS DelhiIntussusception is a disorder where a part of the intestine folds into into another section of intestine, often resulting into an often result in an obstruction. The part that prolapses or folds into the other is called the intussusceptum, while the part receiving it is called the intussuscepiens. Intussusception is considered a medical emergency and the patient should immediately seek medical advisce to reduce risk.


Intusucception is most common among children and rare among adult and requires urgent medical attention. If you or your child develops the signs or symptoms listed above, seek medical help right away.

In infants, remember that signs of abdominal pain may include recurrent bouts of pulling the knees to the chest and crying.


Your intestine is shaped like a long tube. In intussusception, one part of your intestine ā€” usually the small intestine ā€” slides inside an adjacent part. This is sometimes called telescoping because it’s similar to the way a collapsible telescope folds together.

In some cases, the telescoping is caused by an abnormal growth in the intestine, such as a polyp or a tumor (called a lead point). The normal wave-like contractions of the intestine grab this lead point and pull it and the lining of the intestine into the bowel ahead of it. In most cases, however, no cause can be identified for intussusception.