Meet Our Doctors

World class team of internationally acclaimed surgeons.

Dr. Yogesh Agarwala

Dr. Yogesh Agarwala is among the top distinguished laparoscopic surgeons in India & abroad. Backed by twenty yeras of experience, He is highly recognized for bariatric (weight loss), gastrointestinal, gyne and uterine surgeries.

Dr.Sharda Jain

With more than 45 years of outstanding experience, Dr. Sharda is amomg the top gynecologists in India with unpralleled expertise in gyne treatments and surgeries, IVF and overall women wellbeing.

Dr. Jyoti Agarwal

She brings with herself an unparalleled expertise in the field of Reproductive Medicine (IVF – Infertility). Alongside she has gained excellence in gyne ultrasound, gyne surgery and training doctors in IVF- Infertility , ultrasound & Colposcopy.