Gyne Surgery

LifeCare ABS specializes in all types Gyne Surgeries

Gyne-surgery-LifeCare-ABSTop Indian surgeons and gynecologists with unparalleled expertise in gyne surgery and post surgery well being

At LifeCare ABS, women health is our top priority. Our gyne team led by Dr. Sharda Jain and Dr. Jyoti Aggarwal,  bears unmatched knowledge and expertise in handling critical gyne conditions and perform high risk gyne surgeries, along with Dr. Yogesh. Our Gyne surgeries along with supporting treatment have not only saved lives, but helped several women successfully conceive post surgery.

In a warm friendly environment, you can freely discuss your problems with lady surgeons and physicians. LifeCare ABS further provides complete post surgery well being counselling and care including life style, diet, weight control and exercise, thereby ensuring a healthy and long life for the women patients.

The most common gynecologic procedures performed at LifeCare ABS includegynecologic-laparoscopic


Cervix examination performed with a microscope after an abnormal pap smear report

Diagnostic laparoscopy

This procedure involves the use of a laparoscope to directly look at the outside of the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and nearby organs


A minimally invasive procedure performed using a a small camera to evaluate the uterine cavity and perform surgery if required


Surgical removal of the uterus, this can be performed in many ways depending on patients condition and other health factors. The most common ways are

  • Laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy (LAVH) – Minimally invasive surgery; the pelvis is evaluated and the uterus and cervix are removed through the vagina laparoscopically
  • Laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy (LSH)  – Minimally invasive surgery where the uterus and cervix are removed laparoscopically
  • Total laparoscopic hysterectomy (TLH) – Minimally invasive surgery to remove uterus and cervix laparoscopically
  • Total abdominal hysterectomy (TAH) – Procedure to remove the uterus and cervix through an abdominal incision
  • Total vaginal hysterectomy (TVH) – Procedure to remove the uterus and cervix through the vagina
Loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP)

Removal of part of the cervix that has been diagnosed with precancerous cells


Surgical removal of uterine fibroids from the uterus by making abdominal incision.


Surgically removal of one or both the ovaries

Ovarian cystectomy

Surgical removal of a cyst/cysts from one or both ovaries, leaving the ovaries intact and functional

Tubal ligation

Laparoscopic or hysteroscopic procedure for permanent sterilization by doing a surgical occlusion of the fallopian tube

Dilation and curettage (D&C)

The cervix is stretched with a special instrument to make it wider (dilated). Another instrument is inserted into the enlarged further into the uterus to loosen and remove the curettage, the lining of the uterus

Endometrial biopsy

Procedure in which the endometrial lining is sampled for investigation ad diagnosis

Endometrial ablation

A minimally invasive procedure for removing the lining of the uterus, particularly useful for women with excessive menstrual bleeding or dysfunctional uterine bleeding

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