Women Obesity

women-obesity-banner5Obesity is an emerging epidemic in India. More than 1 billion women are overweight and more than 300 mn are obese. 26% of non pregnant women in the reproductive age group 20 – 39 are overweight or obese.

Morbid obesity takes heavy toll on women’s health

Serious consequences include cancer cases like breast colon, rectum, kidney, pancreas etc. , high diabetes and ischemic heart hypertension, dyslipidemia, asthma, osteoarthritis. There is a  direct relationship between increasing BMI and relative risk of dying prematurely. In morbidly obese life expectancy is reduced by 9 years in women.

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Obesity further bears serious psychosocial impact on women

  • Poor body image
  • Social stigmatization (‘a laughing matter’)
  • Lower education levels
  • Lower rates of marriage
  • Lower socio economic levels

Obesity can be very detrimental to women’s reproductive health

  • Amenorrhea, anovulation , sub fertility and infertility is increasingly occurring with higher body weight
  • Obese women are more likely to experience irregular menstrual cycle, anovulation, and signs of  androgen excess, particularly when the excess weight  occurred during  adolescent obesity
  • Obesity is strongly associated with PCOS – central obesity hyperandrogenism and insulin resistance with compensatory hyperinsulinenia
  • Other metabolic co-morbidities like diabetes, hypertension etc. which lead to infertility
An obese woman is thrice as likely to be infertile compared to a normal woman

It is seen that adolescence obesity leads to a threefold increased risk of lifetime nulliparity and a fourfold increased risk of lifetime nulligravidity. Since 1970s, occurrence of obesity has doubled & so has the infertility rate in obese women, attributable to the obesity effects mentioned above. Pregnancy performance in obese women is highly subnormal.

Obesity and assisted reproduction

Assisted reproduction has poorer prospects with obesity. Pregnancy rate is halved  in ART for women with BMI > 35 kg/m2. Not only, obese women have  lower chance of success in bearing IVF pregnancy , they also require high doses of gonadotropins and  have a high risk of miscarriage.

Adverse impact on labor and high rate of post partum events & complications

Obesity further can have serious consequences during birth i.e. increase rate of fetal death, still birth, neonatal death and malformation.

How can LifeCare ABS help?

At LifeCare ABS, a world class team of Gynecologists and surgeons takes care of your weight loss and gyne health. In cases of infertility as well as adolescence obesity, Weight loss should be the fist  line of treatment even 5% weight loss improves fertility outcome.


We provide complete weight counseling in case where weight loss can be achieved without surgery. Treatment involves dietary weight loss, Regular physical exercise , elimination of tabacco of alcohol consumption,  behavior modification and stress management.

Bariatric Surgery is prescribed in case of morbid obesity. At LifeCare ABS, we have achieved magical results with surgical weight loss followed by pregnancy.